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New Massena police chief urges community members to monitor your children

MASSENA Incoming Massena Village Police Chief Mark E. LaBrake shared his thoughts on topics ranging from internet safety and sexual predators to combatting the drug and violence issues in the community during a session at the Emmanuel Congregational Church.

It marked Mr. LaBrake first community presentation since he was named the village next police chief at a village board meeting on Tuesday. He will be "Anadrol 50" filling the vacancy created by the retirement of the village long time police chief, Timmy J. Currier.

terms of child safety, from a law enforcement perspective. what are say the three or half dozen number one things that we should have on our awareness look? Gary Van Kennen asked.

want to teach them from a very young age what right and wrong and when something wrong that they tell somebody. Tell them to tell their parents, their teachers, their grandparents, Mr. LaBrake answered. yourself as a little kid and (if) your parents or another family member doing something wrong to you, how much guts and trust that it takes for them to go up and tell somebody what going on. It takes a huge amount of trust. incoming police chief said there are 514 registered sex offenders in St. Lawrence County, 54 living in the village of Massena.

the town, the village. If you went townwide, there a bunch more, Mr. LaBrake said. (your kids), there are people in this world that have one goal Methenolone Enanthate Para Que Sirve in life, and that to fulfill their needs and they don care who they hurt to get those needs filled. We live in Massena, New York, but there is crime here in Massena, New York. soon to be police chief, who will take over the role beginning on Friday, pointed out that not all sex offenders prey on children.

because they a sex offender, doesn mean that their offense was against a child. It could have been against another adult. I think most people think offender (means) they did something to a child. It doesn necessarily mean that, Mr. LaBrake said.

He also addressed bullying during his presentation at the Congregational church. He said that in his opinion social media has completely altered the landscape of bullying and has definitely contributed to a spike in incidents.

I was in school, when you were in school, there were bullies in school. But what usually happened to the bully? Finally somebody had enough of them and they gave them a smack and it was all over with, Mr. LaBrake said. there so much anonymity to it. "Anadrol 50" I could be the bully and never once even see the person.

I said, police hate social media. It was designed with good intentions, "Anaboliset Aineet" I sure, but just like everything that was designed with good intentions, somebody will find a bad intention for it. of session attendees have grandchildren in public schools and they asked the police official "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" for Masteron Subq specific tips on how to keep family members safe.

parents and grandparents, you ask, can you do? Monitor your kids. Go home and tell your children, monitor my grandchild Facebook page. Look at their phones, see who they texting, Mr. LaBrake said.

He stressed reducing crime is not just up to the police.

starts in the community. How you really stop crime as a community is it a community effort. It not just the police department effort. We there to arrest them, prosecute them, and see that they get some type of punishment for it, he said. never going to correct those behaviors if it doesn stop in the community. LaBrake concluded the community forum by talking about personal security.

He offered a variety of "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" advice and said that on the whole he believes Massena is still a safe place.

firmly believe Massena is still a safe community. However, don take that for granted. Just because you think it safe, la di da da da, doesn mean it is. It probably is, but what about the one time it not. So let talk about how we can personally secure ourselves, Mr. LaBrake said. be aware of your surroundings. I not here to scare you. Is Anadrol A Steroid I hope I not scaring you, because this is still a great, wholesome community. I just saying don be the one out of every 10,000 victims that we do have. Don be that person.